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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an outdoor adventurer's paradise. There are miles of unspoiled beaches to see; rainforests and cloud forests to learn about; world-class whitewater rafting and canoeing, fiery volcano’s and hot springs, and heart-stopping encounters with exotic wildlife and colorful tropical birds at every turn.

Twelve distinct ecological zones of breathtaking beauty cover a area the size of New Hampshire, from the mangrove forests of the Caribbean lowlands to the misty cloud forests that blanket the top of the continental divide and back down to the sunny Pacific beaches. Nowhere else on earth is biological abundance and diversity so evident than in the Costa Rican rainforests: tropical rainforests contain more than half of all living things known to man. The rainforest is a place of peace and renewal; mysterious, life-affirming, and of majestic proportions. Costa Rica alone has more plant species than the whole of Europe, and a staggering world of exotic wildlife that runs into the millions of species.

If you like to go "off the beaten path", a little extra effort will reward you with an astounding hidden wonderland that few visitors ever get to see. You'll find Inner Quest’s Ultimate Wildlife Eco-Tours are packed full of the kind of experiences -- from remote river trips, to bird's-eye views from the top of the cloud forest canopy, to extraordinarily intimate encounters with wildlife -- that will leave you transformed forever


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