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Sunday, December 18, 2005

This young male Elephant did not have a chance to enjoy this year's Christmas Day

Season Greetings from the Wild Life of Arugam Bay!
December 2005: This young male elephant did not have a chance to enjoy this year's Christmas Day. Or indeed, any other. The normal life expectancy without his greedy human enemies would have been 70 years or more.

Who has cut his life so short?
Ivory hunters, most likely. In this case he has been a proud, strong mammal with about 1m long tuskers roaming the open lands south of Arugam Bay until he died. I was happy to observe this particular bull at morningtime at around 05:00 between Arugam Bay and the village of Panama. We found the decomposing heap 2km away from any main road or track; this is where executions often take place. Unbeknown to many who admire the "protected" wild life of this beautiful island.

If anyone would have had the courage to listen to us, or the recommendations of AbHa and supported our plan to offer a high reward for the arrest of the criminals who continue to shoot endangered species such as this example shows:
We feel this innocent bull would still be alive today to enjoy freedom in its natural habitat for many years to come. Part of the ECO PROJECT Plan is to set up a place to record Environment crimes.

It is up to all of YOU to act. - Before it is too late!


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